Importance of Tourism

Importance of Tourism


Many of us have never traveled or thought to travel to a country other than the country where they live. For many reasons, travel is desirable, and what we see and read daily from advertising promoting travel and tourism programs is an indication of the increasing desire of people to travel and travel from a country, However, despite some of the obstacles facing the tourism sector, the demand is still present in all countries, and tourism is important for the individual and society.

The importance of tourism to the state

The importance of tourism can be summed up in a number of points, including Tourism is a tributary of the local economy and a booster of national output and income. Many Arab countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon, rely on tourism as the main source of the economy. Those countries are required by these countries to enter visas and exit or fees to enter tourist places is an indispensable source of income.

Tourism is a tool for marketing the civilization of the state. Through tourism, people can identify the industries of the countries they visit and their products. Therefore, countries need tourists in order to introduce them to their industries and their products. This undoubtedly enriches the economy and enhances national output.

Tourism is a way to exchange cultures and learn about people’s customs and traditions. When a person travels to another country, he learns about his culture, customs and traditions. This deepens relations and roots among the peoples of the world, and the traveler can also be the ambassador of his country to define its culture and highlight the cultural image of the behavior of its members.

Importance of tourism for individuals

The experience of tourism is useful for people and may be a reason to change their lives for the better, what a person acquire and learn while traveling, and these are some of the benefits of tourism for individuals:

Tourism is a means to eliminate unemployment and provide job opportunities for young people. Many tourist countries employ their citizens in tourist establishments, restaurants and jobs related to the service of tourists such as guide job, tour guide and tourism promotion functions. In some tourist countries like Egypt, hundreds of thousands of qualified and trained youth.

When you leave your country and pack up your luggage and travel, you will be amazed and thrilled. You will travel in a new land and learn about other people who do not know them in your country. This is undoubtedly an adventure. For many, but that many psychologists advise those who are exposed to diseases of tension and depression to travel to change the psychology of tourism has a positive role in promoting the good side in the psyche of people.


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