The most important tourist places in Jakarta

The most important tourist places in Jakarta

The most important tourist places in Jakarta

Indonesia is a world-class destination because of its climate and variety of tourist destinations sought by tourists, especially the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, which has many masterpieces of various types of tourism and all categories and interests.

The most beautiful tourist places in Jakarta

Anshol Tourist Complex

Is a complex located on a very wide spot that includes many facilities such as Dunia Fantasi, which includes a city full of games and theaters of clowns and tumblers and various artistic plays, and you can travel around Anshol through the cable car located to see: the city of water sports, , The bazaar of antiques and souvenirs embodying the history and civilization of Indonesia, the snowy city called the Snow Land, the Sea World: an exhibition of sea creatures, then head to the beach and Anshol port, which takes you to a number of nearby islands, Of dinner freely on the way in Bandar Jakarta Indonesian Restaurant.

Chippoport Suburb

The Shibuobur area has a wide variety of tourist attractions: the Chinese Village, the Egyptian Village, the Aquapark, the Seaboard Aquapark, the Waterfront City of El Salvador, and the Fruit Park.

Tower of Monas

Is a monument located in the center of the capital Jakarta, and the height of about one hundred and thirty-two meters, topped by a torch of pure gold weighing about thirty-five kilograms, and located in the tower tower and a small museum called Independence Hall, can also buy a ticket to rise the tower and enjoy Looking at the city from above, especially the scenery of dancing fountains.


This huge park contains eleven parks and fifteen museums, reflecting the representative reality of all of Indonesia and its surrounding maritime seams.


Jakarta has many museums of different interests, including:

National Museum of Jakarta. Doll Museum, Jakarta History Museum. President’s Museum, and War Museum. Museum of the Holy Quran and the Grand Mosque of Independence. Museum of Historical Conductors. Museum of Covered Insects, and Museum of Komodo.

Commercial markets

For shopping leaders there are many different shopping complexes that are very famous in Jakarta such as:

  • Jalan Surabaya market for historical products.
  • Atrium mall is a popular destination for Arab tourists.
  • Grand Indonesia Mall, and Samnaki Plaza Mall.
  • Taman Boring.
  • The Sarina complex, the Diamond Chimpaka Mall.
  • Manja Dua Complex, and Bund Anda Mall.
  • Slipi Jaya Plaza, Snayan Complex.
  • Cities Water Games.

In addition to the many water sports cities mentioned above in the facilities of some of the tourist complexes, we remind you of the most important three in Indonesia and Jakarta, namely: Water Boom Lipo, Water Boom, Wesata Ocean Park.


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